The Secret Lab

The cutting edge of bootleg experimentation.


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The Singles


The Secret Lab is an experimental store that houses some interesting new products that we really like. It’s the proving grounds for new concepts and new ideas. It will regular feature products that are a bit off the radar.

Each “Experiment” is a new product sale lasting 30 days.

Check out the discord for all the Secret Lab talk!

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While we have initial supply of the Secret Lab products to ship immediately, back-ordering is available. This means if it’s no longer in stock, we will produce more to accommodate. Secret Lab orders may take longer to ship if the products are back-ordered at the time of purchase.

We expect the back-ordered items to take 2-3 weeks to produce and ship, and will be ordering on a rolling basis to meet demand. All orders will ship no later than 3 weeks after the end of the Experiment.

As spoiled in the video, we have many additional Experiments we wish to perform. Keep an eye on the Secret Lab page or discord for all the updates!