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Foil Masterpiece (MPS) Full Set Bundle

This is 54 Cards of updated pure double rainbow goodness. Here’s the full list:

Aether Vial MPS

Arcbound Ravager MPS

Black Vise MPS

Cataclysmic Gearhulk MPS

Chalice of the Void MPS

Champion’s Helm MPS

Chromatic Lantern MPS

Chrome Mox MPS

Cloudstone Curio MPS

Combustible Gearhulk MPS

Crucible of Worlds MPS

Defense Grid MPS

Duplicant MPS

Engineered Explosvives MPS

Ensnaring Bridge MPS

Extraplanar Lens MPS

Gauntlet of Power MPS

Grindstone MPS

Hangarback Walker MPS

Lightning Greaves MPS

Lotus Petal MPS

Mana Crypt MPS

Mana Vault MPS

Meekstone MPS

Mind’s Eye MPS

Mox Opal MPS

Noxious Gearhulk MPS

Oblivion Stone MPS

Ornithopter MPS

Painter’s Servant MPS

Paradox Engine MPS

Pithing Needle MPS

Planar Bridge MPS

Platinum Angel MPS

Rings of Brighthearth MPS

Scroll Rack MPS

Sculpting Steel MPS

Solemn Simulacrum MPS

Sol Ring MPS

Sphere of Resistance MPS

Staff of Domination MPS

Static Orb MPS

Steel Overseer MPS

Sundering Titan MPS

Sword of Body and Mind MPS

Sword of Feast and Famine MPS

Sword of Fire and Ice MPS

Sword of Light and Shadow MPS

Sword of War and Peace MPS

Torrential Gearhulk MPS

Trinisphere MPS

Vedalken Shackles MPS

Verdurous Gearhulk MPS

Wurmcoil Engine MPS

Note: These cards are now improved and foiled the same way as the traditional MPS cards.


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Friday Night Quality.

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